Open Transport

Your vehicle is transported on an open trailer much like the ones used to deliver new cars from the manufacturer to the dealers, usually 8 to 10 vehicles per carrier. Your vehicle will be picked up at your door or as close as possible, and will be delivered to your door or as close as possible as some residential restrictions apply. Open transport usually costs less than enclosed transport.

Open carrier car shipping is the standard method of transporting a vehicle. Your vehicle will be transported on an open car carrier, commonly seen delivering new cars to dealerships. Open carriers are the most cost effective method of shipping and provide fully insured, door-to-door service. Complete the quote form with our shipping calculator and instantly calculate the cost of your transportation.

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Enclosed Transport

Your vehicle will be transported in a completely closed trailer, usually 3 to 6 vehicles per carrier, designed to haul classic automobiles or vehicles that should not be exposed to inclement weather. Like open transports, your vehicle will be picked up at your door or as close as possible in a closed trailer, and will be delivered to your door or as close as possible, as some residential restrictions apply. The cost for enclosed transport is roughly 33-50% more than open transport

People ship their custom and classic vehicles across America on a daily basis, and enclosed car transport is often the preferred method. Owners of custom, classic and sports cars take every measure to preserve the car in the best condition they can at all time. Whether it’s being displayed at a car show or transported to a swanky event, taking care of the vehicle is the main objective. In order to maintain its beauty and value for years to come, the car has to be taken care of consistently. Only the owners of such vehicles can fully understand the importance of shipping custom, sports or antique cars via enclosed car transport.

Door-to-door vehicle delivery

This type of service means that the driver will pick up and drop off your vehicle as close to your front door as they can legally and safely get. Some cities restrict this type of service as they have rules and regulations on the type and size of vehicles that can enter residential areas. Large trucks are often prohibited from entering because they require more open space to maneuver. Therefore, often the truckers will have to meet you at the nearest large parking lot where they will deliver your vehicle.

Motorcycle Transport

We provide door-to-door motorcycle shipping to anywhere in continental USA. Your motorcycle can be shipped either crated or uncrated, and will travel with full insurance to its new destination. Open and closed trailers are available to accommodate the relocation of any motorcycle, sport bike, or chopper. Get an instant quote at our free car shipping calculator at semalog.com or call 480-448-9998 on pricing.

Antique and Classic Car Shipping

Regardless of whether you purchased your car at an auction or at a car show, or if you took the time to rebuild a classic car to its former glory, your vehicle is your treasure. With something of such value, you want to make sure that when you need to get that vehicle from the auction floor to your door or to a trade show or classic car event – you’ll know it’s done right.

Express Service

The Fastest Door-To-Door Shipping Service

Your vehicle will be transported door to door to a designated location of your choice on an open or closed trailer, depending on your preference. Our expedited service is the fastest shipping option available. We guarantee pick-up in 1-3 business days. Although this plan costs extra, it is great for anyone in a hurry to ship their vehicle.